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June 7, 2021 - Melting Salts, 70 000 ton

A finales de la primera semana de junio, se ha finalizado la fusión de 70 000 toneladas de sales, a pesar de ser la época de tormentas de arena, con un nuevo e innovador método, que reduce costes, consumos, así como incremento de la robustez, siendo presentado en detalle dentro de dos semanas gracias a Solar Concentra / Protermosolar, y subiendo la presentación también.



April 20, 2021Supplier Coordination - Development


Independent of work done like engineering – commissioning services, other scope of work done jointly with project management, is key equipment’s supplier coordination, and development of new products.

Explained in other news before there are several successful contributions in different scopes:

  • Solar Field
  • Steam Generation System
  • TES system
  • Control system

On the other hand, it has been done and continue working in several developments of products, solutions, of local solutions, same characteristics to fulfil quality requirements of international market.

  • Solar Field
    • HCE tubes
    • Mirrors
    • Instrumentation
    • Valves, Balancing - Rest
    • Ball Joint Insulation
    • Swivel Joint Solution
    • Hydraulic Unit
    • LOC´s
  • HTF System
    • HTF Fluid
    • HTF valves
  • TES System
    • Molten Salts Valves
    • Melting System
    • Electrical Heat Exchangers

Nowadays continue working in development of products and solution, jointly with patents.



March 15, 2021Solar Field – HTF – Power Block Commissioning

Since September to December 2020, commissioning of Urat Solar Field – HTF – Power block was performed, achieving 100% of steam turbine load while operating close to the winter solstice. The key factors to reach such a reduced schedule were the following:

  • Engineering Phase:
    • Basic Engineering review and coordination, adapting international EPC engineering practices to local engineering ones, in particular on normative and scope.
    • Full Definition and DCS – SCS software development
  • Solar Field
    • Supply of Engineering and procedures. Supply of Jigs for Solar Field collector component Manufacture and Assembly, introducing new concepts from other designs that allow a higher assembly capability and easy traceability
    • By continuous QC / QA of the assembly process, up to each individual SCE, it was possible to identify when to carry out realignment of Jigs
    • Accurate initial balancing position definition, leading to fast reach of Solar Field outlet temperatures close to nominal
    • Solar Field logic improvement was helped by onsite engineering knowledge, as to troubleshoot on-the-go and analyse performance since initial focusing of SCAs
  • HTF System
    • Operation of HTF systems on DCS during initial start-up of equipment and systems and on critical first-time operations
    • Steamblowing definition and supervision by Ingenergio, coupled with SGS Engineering coordination, were key to optimizing the partial HTF filling while allowing the remaining SF commission to take place
    • Very high degree of Construction completion avoided halting commissioning activities due to lack of system finishing
    • High degree of piping cleanliness, both in SF headers and Power Block piping, resulted in no need for HTF pumps filter cleaning and unperceivable HTF boiling process
    • HTF sequential filling together with the afore mentioned cleanliness and fast HTF unloading, helped optimize the commissioning schedule, by eliminating the requirement of full plant HTF filling which is usually restrained by the HTF logistics
  • BOP System
    • Overall coordination of commission activities on the water/steam cycle and auxiliaries
    • Steam blow definition (Engineering): circuits, blow conditions, temporary tanks and piping, water programme... Blow supervision and target validation onsite
    • Definition of chemical control criteria during commissioning: dosing targets, sampling requirements, validation of on-line analysers, troubleshooting on excursions of iron, conductivity, silica…
    • Overall coordination on transition from blows to turbine loading restoration, first steam, steam quality obtention, ST tests, plant operation during loading.  Troubleshooting support for ST start-up limiters
  • TES System
    • Coordination of Molten Salt Tank Engineering, including:
      • Mechanical tank design
      • foundations design
      • instrumentation definition
      • design review and validation of main equipment:
        • Salt-HTF heat exchangers
        • Salt pumps
        • Electrical heat tracing
        • Electrical tank heaters
    • Detailed design of valves (HTF, salts, safety, and breather valves) and tank insulation
    • Introduction of new suppliers to CSP application, leading to thorough review of equipment materials and functionality
    • Definition and validation of tank preheating equipment. Supervision of the preheating process
    • Design of a high-capacity salts melting system, from conceptual to detailed equipment development